Web-Based Training and Support

In keeping with our mission statement to provide excellence in dementia care training, Good News Consulting, Inc. has developed web-based training on its website AND through our WEBEX Training Center.

Even though we are proponents of face-to-face training sessions because it creates a dynamic that is more conducive to competent training, we believe that these web-based offerings will fill the need for some organizations that have difficulty gathering their team members into a classroom setting for training. Realizing that this challenge exists, the web-based training sessions are designed for easy use and provide guided training as if the participant were in the classroom. Quizzes and certificates are given to insure competency in knowledge retention.

Website Dementia Care Orientation Sessions

These sessions have been designed to provide dementia care orientation to anyone who is new to the organization that serves those with dementia. Each narrated PowerPoint session is the equivalent of one hour of orientation training in dementia care fundamentals and includes a handout, videos and exercises to help the learner understand the techniques and strategies that are being taught. A competency quiz is given after the completion of each training session and a certificate is given to each participant who scores 80% or above on the quiz.

These offerings are for those who contract with GOOD NEWS CONSULTING and want to provide dementia care training for team members in all areas - nursing, activities, social services, dining services, housekeeping, maintanence and administration. Staff can log onto GOOD NEWS CONSULTING's website and take the sessions 24/7. We have a training demo to review.

"Chatinar" and Webinar Offerings

Team member support is provided by GOOD NEWS CONSULTING through "Chatinars", a free offering to professionals in the field of long term living who are willing to share their innovations and receive guidance on dementia care related challenges to better serve their clients.

Periodic advanced training sessions in dementia care, behavior management, enhanced community life, care partner empowerment and coaching for leaders are offered via the GOOD NEWS CONSULTING WEBEX Training Center. For a minimal fee, team members from any venue of the long term living continuum can be at a computer to view the content and listen to the presentation via computer speakers/microphone or dialed in by phone.

These WEBINARS and "CHATINARS" are publicized through free subscription to the GOOD NEWS CONSULTING notfication list.