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Behavior Management Training

Date TBD

Good News Consulting Inc.

140 Roosevelt Ave Suite 210

York, Pa 17401

This 2-hour interactive workshop will help participants become more aware of the triggers to behaviors, how to identify behaviors, prevent behaviors and manage behaviors in the individual suffering with dementia.

Participants who attend the Behavior Management Training will have a better understanding of dementia and how it affects behavior in persons diagnosed with the disease. They will be able to identify behaviors and their triggers, and will be able to demonstrate knowledge of behavior management and how to problem solve behavioral symptoms.

Participants will engage in discussion and actively participate in problem-solving exercises. They will leave this workshop with a "toolkit" to better understand and manage the behaviors of the person with dementia.

Who should attend? All who provide elder care and related services who want to be prepared to better serve those elders with dementia who are struggling with behaviors.


8:30-11:00 am



Discussion on Most Challenging Behaviors

Dementia Overview


Identifying Behaviors

Behavior Management


Problem Solving Exercies

Summary, Evaluation, & Wrap-up